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Meet the Team Behind BigToysBoys' RC Passion

At BigToysBoys, we're a passionate team of RC enthusiasts who live for the race, adrenaline, and the thrill of RC cars, planes, and boats. Get ready to experience the rush with BigToysBoys!

Max Bozhko

E-commerce Integration & Sales

Max Bozhko specializes in e-commerce integration and online sales. With an RC background, he ensures our online store operates smoothly, optimizing listings and driving sales.

Max Kolot

Product Marketing & Branding

Max Kolot is our RC product marketing expert. With industry knowledge, he connects with enthusiasts, building brand awareness and engaging customers.

Max Tarabashchuk

Supply Chain Management

Max Tarabashchuk handles RC supply chain management. With expertise in logistics, he ensures smooth operations and timely fulfillment.

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